Video clip : Part 1  Part 2

Interactive drawing
Materials: Pencil drawing, NFC tag, online video.

The parts of the installation which the viewers could see directly in the exbihition space are two drawings hang on the wall. They were used to make each first scene of two parts of animations who talk about a man's surreal experience during his visit in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. The animations were uploaded online, the links are saved in two NFC tags and hidden in the back of the two drawings. The viewers could use a smartphone (NFC function required) to touch the play button in the center of the drawings, then the animation will directly show on the screen.
In the animation, the space of the gallery whick likes a giant conveyor, the representation of the vision by the image of the Google Gallery, the lighten out of the chaos space, then with the procedure of entering the digital online work by physically touching the start scene drawing, all these arrangement created a situation which likes a sort of upgraded technological Stendhal Syndrome in this network era.